Yoga is this week 27 Feb until 15 March 2014

Hi all, Yoga this week from 27 to 1 March is on outside on the Oval. Last night we were visited by an owl, which sat and watched us. I am going to set up the Thursday 7pm class on the far side of the oval. So look for the group there. Putting out lots of mosquito repellent which worked fine last night.

Yoga on the oval under the star this week

The hall is out of action. So it is yoga under the star on the oval. If you are loved by mosquito I would wear long pants and shirt. I am bringing lots of repellent. So yoga outside from the 25 Feb to 1 March Sat.

An Open Letter To Anyone Thinking About Trying Yoga

Here is a good article about trying yoga.

Classe schedule is running as follows;

Tue and Thur at 7:00pm

Fri 9:15am

Sat 8:30am

New people people come 10 minutes early the first time.