All classes running

Only class cancelled is the 7th of January  Saturday. So if you want to come to yoga we are running as per the normal schedule.

Saturday 8:30 (except 7th January)

Tuesday 7pm

Thursday 7pm

Friday 9:15am

I am looking forward to seeing you all.



Christmas eve morning tea catch up after yoga.

IMG_1237.jpgOn Christmas eve 24th December the Saturday Class has decided we will have morning tea at the hall after yoga. Come even if you have not done the yoga class before hand from 8:30 to 10:00am.

Bring a plate to share. So instead of being at the shop we will hang at the hall. I will bring the urn down and coffee machine. If needed someone might do a run to the shop for their special coffee.

Merry Christmas

Yoga December timetable. Merry Christmas.

Yoga classes are running throughout December.

Tuesday and Thursday 7pm
Friday 9:15am
Saturday 8:30am

Shall we celebrate the 24th December after the 8:30 am class?img_3143