Yoga Outside is on again.

Yoga outdoors is back at Hills Yoga Classes.                   Starts Friday 9:15am 1st of May

Peace, serenity and plenty of fresh air.

Day classes outdoors ongoing
Tuesday and Friday 9:15am,
Saturday 8:30am.

Those who arrive first will be allowed to attend until we reach the maximum of nine people. I know this will be a bit hit and miss but we will just have to see how this goes!

Looking forward to seeing you all. Doing yoga by myself has been great, but I do miss my community.

Below is an outline for class protocols – A work in progress in this moment.

I will align with the event guidelines for gatherings set by the Dept of Health.

Check your self care daily and only attend a class if symptom free of cold and flu’s.

Please do not attend a class if you have been in contact to your knowledge with someone with Corona Virus or have recently arrived from overseas

Please bring your own Mats & Towels/Blanket.

Know our classes are small, spaced & conducted with loving awareness outdoors.

During this time there will be no hands on adjusting.

If you need to use a mat they will be available. For the time being could be taken home and brought to class as your own personal mat. In the long term you might need to buy a mat.

The hall will be closed, but the toilet is available.

Cash to be put into a bucket of water with sanitiser. So you get to wash your hands as well!



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