Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

What do I do for my first class? There is no need to book. For your first class, come 10 minutes prior to class starting to fill out the registration form and so we can have a chat.
What should I wear? Wear clothes that are comfortable, but not too baggy, it can be quite annoying having your t-shirt (or jewellery) hanging over your head.
Should I bring anything? Mats are provided, but if you have your own you’re more than welcome to use your own mat. Bring an extra blanket if you are inclined to get cold.
Can I eat before class? As yoga works not only on flexibility, strength, etc it is also busy working on the inside. It is recommended that you don’t eat any substantial meals 2-3 hours prior to class
I’m pregnant, can I come to class? Yes, we have women of all stages coming to class. Postures are modified to suit.
Do I need to be flexible to do yoga? One of the most common misconceptions is that you need to be flexible to do yoga. If practiced regularly, yoga will help your flexibility. It is important to listen to your body and work at your own level. Over stretching usually occurs when we don’t do this and our ego gets involved; making us stretch further.
Why do I feel dizzy during class? Sometimes we feel dizzy when we don’t breath properly or we don’t drink enough water. In certain poses we can have a tendency to hold our breath, which will make us feel light headed. Eating too much before class or not having eaten for a long time and having low blood sugar can also do this. Pace your practice and remind yourself to breath deeply through the class.

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