Weekly Yoga classes, Yoga wellness therapy, Shamanic Healing at Hills Yoga in Perth

Clear blockages and move forward in your life with more ease, self-love, confidence and fulfilment

Weekly Yoga classes .

Five classes are run for one and half hours from Hills Yoga studio at 15 The Crescent Helena Valley. I have all the equipment and as a senior yoga teacher have extensive knowledge than can support your yoga experience. No need to book just turn up early the first time.

Yoga wellness and therapy

Yoga Therapy empowers and supports individuals to manage their own health using the principles of Yoga and applying a range of Yoga practices developed within a professional therapeutic relationship.

Ill health and chronic injury are often compounded by multiple contributing factors. For this reason Yoga Therapy engages in an holistic approach to assisting an individual’s health, and will usually encompass the wellbeing of the whole person rather than focusing on a single condition.

The tools used include asana (postures), pranayama (breath awareness and techniques), mudra (gestures), relaxation, meditation, dietary advice, lifestyle counselling and self-development guidance.

Yoga Therapy is most commonly provided by way of an individual consultation. You do not need to have prior yoga experience to benefit from Yoga Therapy.

Shamanic healing practitioner

How is shamanic healing different?

Shamanic healing is very results focussed. Everything is just energy – so it can be moved, shifted and transformed. Life can seem random but through healing you learn that every ailment – mental, emotional or physical – has a root energetic cause that is traceable, makes perfect sense and can be addressed not outside of the session for homework – but there and then during it.

What actually happens during a shamanic healing

  • You will fill out a from which is required before the healing commences. There will then be a interview that goes for 10-15 minutes. This is a time to share your intention and for the practitioner to flesh out details about your life (which remain confidential) that might be relevant to that. They may ask about your childhood, situations around the time the ailment or incident occurred etc. This will be a fluid, intuitive process where an intention is solidified and a relationship formed.
  • The healing process itself takes place at Hills yoga studio below set in the Perth’ Hills.
  • It is important to know there is a big shift here from mentally engaging the situation to now totally focusing on energetically shifting it. 
  • The practitioner will tune in to get specific information about your situation and how to proceed with it. You will be informed and give your consent step by step as the healing unfolds.
  • The healing involve breaking old unhealthy energetic contracts, releasing energy that is not yours from childhood and reclaiming energy that is. Past lives may be addressed, energetic attachments released and the inner child supported and worked with to name but a few common processes used. The practitioner may use voice, breathe, crystals, touch, give affirmations to repeat, rattles, bowls etc. The form of the healing is less important than the physical releases that go with them. You will almost certainly be actively participating in releasing and reclaiming your freedom, power and health.
  • Once the healing is complete there will be a debrief of the session, a discussion about integration and next steps in terms of any follow up sessions if required that may support your growth. 
  • Where All the healings are conducted in the purpose build studio at 15 The Crescent Helena Valley,
  • Pricing The cost is $150 cash for the one and half hour session.
  • Contact Helen Grenfell is you would like to chat about your particular situation or needs.
  • Phone 0478 616 977 
Helen Grenfell


“Prior to a recent shamanic healing with Helen, I was feeling unmotivated and ‘blocked’. I am sure the process varies, but mine involved purging old, limiting beliefs, liberating my inner child and creating a new vision for the future me. I sensed something lifting and lightening, and felt the energy of spirit guides around me. Helen very calmly mediated the whole thing. Since then, I have felt freer, happier and more confident. Doing yoga again, journalling, learning a language and connecting with friends. Very happy with the experience and highly recommend it.”

Erin Palmer

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