Shamanic Healing available at Hills Yoga

Completed the shamanic healing course with One tribe. It has been a life times journey and pleased to be able to offer this healing modality.

Our world is made up of spiritual energies. The ones which cause a problems are based on fear, guilt, judgement, doubt, hate and anger. The ones we want to promote are based upon love, compassion, bliss, elation, joy, ecstasy, pleasure and all that connects you to unconditional love and acceptance.

During a Shamanic Healing session I will work with your intention on what issues are affecting your life. This is done with the guidance of both my and your Spirit guides. With their guidance we work with the core of the issue to transcend unwanted energies and rebalance your energy body.

I will be talking to you throughout the session so you will gain an understanding and sense of the work being done and how the issues and layers we are clearing have been affecting your well being.