About Me, Helen Grenfell

Yoga classes for all stages of life, in beautiful surrounding. Dad is 93 years and my son 30. My style adapts the yoga to suit.

I am passionate about teaching yoga to support your growth and clearing stuff getting in the way of being joyful and pain free.

I originally came to yoga to fix a very painful back condition. I found that the yoga not only fixed my back but gave me a greater sense of enjoyment and peacefulness. I have enjoyed teaching my community the joys of yoga and sharing the sense of well being that a yoga practice can instil.

More about Helen

Helen trained in Mosman Park with Sam Weinstein at the Home of Yoga centre. Sam was her teacher for 27 years and trained directly under Iyengar in India. Helen trained as a teacher in the this style of yoga a hatha based alignment –focused practice combing breath, meditation, philosophy and asana. She has been teaching regularly in the hills Perth for 20 years, workshops/retreats in Bali (Indonesia), local festivals and events. She is also registered Senior teacher with Yoga Australia.

Helen often attends sound healings, women circles, spiritual advancement groups, yoga festival, retreats both in Perth and Bali plus maintains a daily yoga and meditation practice.

She has practiced many styles of yoga over the many years of practice – including Iyengar, ashtanga, bikram, yin, kundalini, synergy, calligraphy, flow, power, pregnancy, yoga therapy foundations and restorative. My classes utilise the range of style and my favourite is always the one I am practicing right now.

A self-confessed spiritual seeker from a young age enjoys working as a facilitator to support other is their journeys through all stages of life.


I have been teaching for 20 years with 30 years of personal practice. I completed the 5 year teacher training with the Transformational Yoga Institutes from 1996 to 2001 (Home of Yoga).

  • Completed Hatha Yoga teachers course,
  • Therapeutic teachers training
  • My teacher trained under several respected Senior Yoga Teachers in India in the 80’s and I honour them by teaching in styles influenced by these teachers.
  • Basic pregnancy yoga training.
  • 20 year training which include training through two pregnancies.
  • Current first aid certification and metal health first aid training

Member of Yoga Australia since 2003 Senior Teacher Member.
  •  Yin Training
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga ongoing with Yoga Synergy
  • Yoga therapy foundations
  • Advanced movement neurology

I am passionate about yoga for all to help growth, clearing stuff getting in the way of being joyful and pain free.

8 thoughts on “About Me, Helen Grenfell

    1. Hi Suzanne
      Classes cost $15 cash pay as you go, bring the right change If you can.

      Day classes are down the back of the land near the river. If you can bring a blanket that would be great. Even a mat if have one.

      If you come to an evening class it inside the hall spread out every 2 metres apart.

      The car park is behind the home down a long drive.



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