New Tuesday Morning Yoga Class at 9:15 am 

Starting Tuesday 19 September 2017
Time 9:15am
Where 15 The Crescent Helena Valley
Style Gentle similar to Friday

The other class schedules are

  • Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm
  • Friday at 9:15am
  • Saturday 8:30am

Yoga is for everyone – and can help you awaken your inner joy, realise your potential, bring strength, health and resilience to your body, and calmness, peace and clarity to your mind and soul.
Look forward to see you soon.


Good Friday Yoga Class at 9:15am in on.

Yippee……….Good Friday yoga 14 April is on at 9:15am.IMG_0235

Looking forward to sharing a cuppa afterwards at the yoga hall verandah with all my friends. All welcome even if you can’t make the yoga session which finishes at 10:45am.

Class timetable in March 2017

Hi Everyone,

The Hills Yoga Classes will be closed from the Friday 17th March until the Friday 30th March .

The last class is 16 March on Thursday at 7pm.

First class back is 31st March Friday 9:15am

IMG_0702Looking forward to sharing all the new knowledge when the classes resume.

Lots of Love


Australia Day class is on at 7pm

Just a reminder the classes are all running and yes we will have an Australia Day evening class at 7pm. Liz will be teaching this week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm
Friday 9:15 am
Saturday 8:30amIMG_0219.JPG

All classes running

Only class cancelled is the 7th of January  Saturday. So if you want to come to yoga we are running as per the normal schedule.

Saturday 8:30 (except 7th January)

Tuesday 7pm

Thursday 7pm

Friday 9:15am

I am looking forward to seeing you all.



Christmas eve morning tea catch up after yoga.

IMG_1237.jpgOn Christmas eve 24th December the Saturday Class has decided we will have morning tea at the hall after yoga. Come even if you have not done the yoga class before hand from 8:30 to 10:00am.

Bring a plate to share. So instead of being at the shop we will hang at the hall. I will bring the urn down and coffee machine. If needed someone might do a run to the shop for their special coffee.

Merry Christmas

Yoga December timetable. Merry Christmas.

Yoga classes are running throughout December.

Tuesday and Thursday 7pm
Friday 9:15am
Saturday 8:30am

Shall we celebrate the 24th December after the 8:30 am class?img_3143

Class timetable September/October

Classes available , but the last class in September is the Tuesday 20th at 7pm. First class back is the 6 October Thursday at 7pm.

My teachers

Very proud to say that this video is from my teachers that have spread so much compassion, kindness and love into the world. My journey with them began 25 years ago with my first pregnancy.

So thankful that I have had these wonderful people in my life who continue to support my transformation and growth.

Life Ease workshop with Feldenkrais and yoga

All welcome to this workshop where we will explore both Feldenkrais and yoga. This workshop  is intended to improve the sensibility, awareness and quality of movement through one’s own body feedback rather than teaching predefined or static forms.

It will be presented by both Helen and Tanja.

To book please pay $80 and advise Tanja of your details. Tanja email is au to register or text/ph 0416281529

DL DE Langen

BSB 806 015

Acct No 01613093

To list payment put in LEFY and last name in. For more information on Feldenkrais go to Tanja’s website at

How is the Feldenkrais Method® different than yoga and Pilates?
Feldenkrais focuses on function rather than form and does not have a goal of attaining an ideal body type or physical construction. The Feldenkrais Method is intended to improve the sensibility, awareness and quality of movement through one’s own body feedback rather than teaching predefined or static forms. Most people have difficulty feeling their body and try to move better without improving their sensory skills. This has absolute limitations. A musician can’t play music unless they can feel and hear the music and make fine distinctions. Feldenkrais does not have a goal to achieve “correct” positions as with yoga, but rather seeks to develop a more dexterous, painless and efficient body in motion.






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